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School Year Lessons Update

Posted Spring 2022


Due to completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and immediately starting grad school in Spring 2022, I am currently taking a break from teaching fine arts lessons. I will consider resuming in the 2022/2023 school year, when I have a better understanding of my grad school workload. 

In the meantime, I recommend looking to Firehouse Art Center, Oil & Clay, and Yulia Kim's Art and More Studio (all located in Norman, OK).

School Year Class  Application




Art lessons are located at my home art studio, on the north side of Norman, OK. After a student's application is submitted, I will inform you of my art studio address.


  • The cost is $80 a month, and the early registration cost is only $65 a month. 

  • Early registration will be open until August 9, 2019. Registration will be open until September 1, 2019. (If you would like to join our classes sometime during the school year, email me, and we can look at options.)

  • There will be weekly classes in the months of September through April, with classes on only the first two weeks of December and May.

  • I am currently pursuing my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at OU, so my Fall and Spring semesters sometimes have different schedules. 

  • I am a vendor for Epic Charter Schools. If you are a member of Epic Charter Schools and would like to be billed through them, please indicate your wishes below.




  • Classes begin Thursday, September 5, 2019.

  • Fall 2019 Semester, Thursdays, 3:15pm-4:30pm

  • If it is not possible for your child to attend the class time assigned to their age group, please contact me, and we may discuss including them in another class. I work with each student individually, in accordance with their artistic abilities, so class projects can be tailored to suit them, if needed.

  • We will not have class on these 2019/2020 school year holidays:

    • (Fall Break) October 10, 2019

    • (Thanksgiving) November 28, 2019

    • (We only have classes on the first two weeks of December, to allow for a winter holiday break.)

    • (Spring Break) March 19, 2020

    • Weather Cancellations: If a class must be cancelled during the year due to ice, snow, or severe storms, we will add an additional class time to the month of May.


By submitting the below form, you are agreeing to the following arrangement:


  • I would like to pay for my child to attend the 2019/2020 school year art classes.

  • I will pay for the classes on or before the first day of each month, September 2019, through April 2020. The monthly payment in December 2019 will cover the two weeks of classes in December and the two weeks of classes in May 2020. 

  • I understand that the cost is $65 each month, if I submit this form on or before August 9, 2019, and the cost is $80 each month, if I submit this form between August 10 and September 1, 2019.

  • I agree to make monthly payments on or before the 1st class of each month. I understand that there is an additional $10 late fee after the first class of each month.

  • I understand that I am committing to pay for classes for each of the designated months, and that my student may discontinue attending classes at any time, and I will be released from this payment agreement, if the class discontinuation was due to a major life change.

Thank you! I will see you at our school year classes!

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