“Through the language of color, my artwork draws attention to life’s moments. Whether a particular instance is captured and translated in a representational sense or only alluded to through non-representational abstraction, each piece is inspired. Contrasts between hues, values, and textures are purposefully placed, to provide opportunity for visual interaction. Through my art, viewers are presented with an opportunity to reflect on their own personal existence, moments, and memories.” ~Christy Phelps


Christy’s training in art began when she was a little girl with private drawing lessons and oil painting lessons throughout her childhood. She acquired an Associate Degree in Visual Arts from Oklahoma City Community College and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Studio Arts Degree at the University of Oklahoma, with a focus on Ceramics and Figure Sculpture. She views artistic ability, knowledge, and experience as subjects which continually evolve, grow, and strengthen, so she is always eager to explore and learn new techniques.


Christy began teaching small drawing, calligraphy, and cake decorating classes in the 1990’s, followed by years of teaching private fine art and painting lessons. Eventually, she started teaching oil painting lessons to students in sixth through twelfth grades, and she was an art teacher for grades pre-kindergarten through eighth grade at a local classical education school for three years, before starting her own art business, in Spring 2017.


Christy also creates oil paintings, ceramics, pottery, sculpture, and glass art, which she sells through the online store on this website, consignment at local shops, commissions, and through art galleries and shows. For more information, you may visit the Shop option above or contact christyphelpsart@gmail.com

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