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  • Hand-painted Hand-sculpted Ceramic Sculpture
  • Fused Glass
  • Painted Wooden Base
  • 5.5” High x 23.75” Wide x 11.5” Deep
  • FREE Shipping in the United States!


This Seductive Woman sculpture is a self-portrait of my passion for love and pleasure.


I chose to paint the sculpture black because black absorbs light and energy while also being a declarative statement color. As this woman sheds religious, cultural, and societal expectations, along with personal unrealistic expectations for herself, she discovers confidence, pleasure, and appreciation for who she is.


Surrounding vibrant energies soak into her soul, filling it with passion. She fully owns her ability to love herself, and she desires to share her love with another. This power seduces and draws others into her pleasurable synergy.

Passionate Woman Sculpture

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