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Ladies' Nights

(Ladies' Nights are on hold at this time. Follow along on Facebook or Instagram for future announcements.)

Why have a Ladies' Night?

I love to create artistic pieces that may be incorporated in family holidays, used regularly in my home, or given to friends and family. A fused glass piece or nicely glazed ceramics are perfect for this. Ladies' Nights provide an opportunity for ladies to visit, laugh, and create together. Come make something for yourself, your family, or a friend, and meet new friends who also love these things!

What is a Ladies' Night?

Each Ladies' Night will be scheduled two to three weeks before a major holiday. This allows time for pieces to be fired and picked up. At each Ladies' Night, there will be one special project that you may personalize. The projects are meant to be artistic pieces that you are proud to give or keep. We will be avoiding folksy crafts.


Who may attend?

Ladies must be 21 or older, simply because each person is free to bring their own snack and/or drink, and alcohol is allowed. If you're feeling generous, you are always welcome to bring snacks/drinks to share! Nursing mothers are welcome to bring their babies. There will be a limit to how many ladies may attend each event, so be sure to fill out the online application. 

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